When it Comes to Foreclosures, Pets Suffer

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Everyone has seen the infomercials that display suffering pets as shelters from the Humane Society to local animal rescue organizations urge viewers to save the life of a pet in need. These infomercials are enough to bring a tear to your eye, especially if you are a pet lover.

Over the last few years the increasing number of foreclosures and abandoned homes has led to an increase in the number of abandoned pets. Not only are many of these pets left alone without food, but they are often trapped inside the abandoned home and are therefore unable to search for food or a new home. As a result, these abandoned animals are often left to die as they are unable to obtain food or water to survive.

Although some nonprofit organizations like No Paws Left Behind have saved many animals from abandoned homes, the number of animals that are not found until they are dead is definitely increasing as many homeowners are unable to stop foreclosure on their homes and are left with nowhere to go.

In addition, many shelters are reaching or have reached capacity and are unable to take in more animals due to the increase in abandoned pets. For example, many animal shelters across Wisconsin are nearing capacity and have been receiving more animals than they can maintain.

It is apparent that foreclosure rates have definitely had a toll on everything from struggling homeowners to their helpless pets. As many homeowners are forced to abandon their homes and may even face homelessness, they are unable to care for their pets and often leave them with the abandoned property. When pets are trapped inside these abandoned homes, the only hope they have is that someone will find them and care for them before they die.

It is essential that anyone facing foreclosure should understand the resources available to them when it comes to finding a new home or a safe shelter for their pets. If you are facing the foreclosure process then make sure to find a shelter or a new home for your pet by contacting organizations like No Paws Left Behind.

In the end, pets are being abandoned in homes undergoing the foreclosure process and are left trapped inside without food and water. Homeowners facing foreclosure should reach out to local shelters, friends, and family members and try to find a home for their pets before leaving them abandoned and trapped inside distressed properties.

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