What Americans Are Doing to Help Foreclosure Pets

Posted by Joseph Smith

The foreclosure crisis has certainly hit the US hard, leaving in its wake millions of families without homes due to mortgage default. The housing problem did not only affect the American people, but pets as well, most of which were left abandoned when their homeowners could not find a new place where pets are allowed.

What Americans Are Doing to Help Foreclosure Pets

As the entire nation focuses on dealing with the impact of the foreclosure mess on the economy, only the animal shelters and rescue organizations are left to deal with these pets. But because of fund and space shortage, most of them have decided to speak up and voice their growing concern about the future of these animals.

Fortunately, their cries for help are being heard.

Today, you will notice more and more Americans are getting involved and joining in the cause to save and care for these foreclosure pets. There are those who help by spreading information and even rattling the cages of banks, urging them to contribute and offer financial help.

Meanwhile, there are those who are a bit more creative. One California-based professional photographer organizes a fund raiser each year called Dogs Days, involving photography sessions with the payments given to the local shelters.

Of course, there are also tie-ups between shelters and pet stores such as the one entered into by Pet Food Express and the San Francisco Animal Care and Control. The said tie up involved the opening of an in-store cat adoption center at the supply shop. Both benefit from the relationship as it helps the shelter manage the number of abandoned cats put up for adoption and the pet supply store attracts more customers.

The list goes on and even distressed homeowners worried about their pets can learn to negotiate with future landlords about letting them keep these animals by heeding online advices and tips.

It is really just a matter of working together and offering a helping hand — and heart — to these abandoned pets. If you have extra time and resources, you can also do your share.

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