Tampa Foreclosure Pets Facing Further Problems

Posted by jparker

It is not only growing foreclosure rates that are making life difficult for foreclosure pets in Tampa, Florida; in the coming months, escalating adoption fees will also contribute to the difficulties facing these homeless animals.

According to local reports, most pet shelters in the city have been unable to accommodate every homeless pet that came to their doors and most of them had to refuse some cats and dogs entry into their facilities due to lack of space.

In addition to this problem, pets that got accommodations at animal shelters are now facing the possibility of not finding permanent homes since some households that could potentially adopt them might hesitate to do so due to increasing adoption fees.

Starting June 1, 2010, fees for adopting a dog will rise to $85, a 30% increase from its previous rate. Fees for neutering and spaying have also gone up, with puppies that are unsterilized requiring a $125 fee. These costs do not include licensing fees from counties yet, which means that the total price can reach to close to $150-$200.

At Hillsborough County for example, foreclosure pets such as cats, ferrets and dogs are required to be at least four months old to get registered and to be issued a tag. These tags, which can cost between $20 and $40, must be worn by pets when they are outside. Either they get tags or the pets should be micro-chipped to show that they have been registered.

Registering a tag for a sterilized pet costs $20, while $40 is required to register a non-sterilize pet. Senior pet owners are offered some discounts, with those aged 62 or older required to pay $5 to register a sterilized dog or cat, while $25 is the going rate for registering unsterilized pets.

With the recession still making its impact felt in the city, not only purchasing foreclosed properties for sale requires fees, but also adopting, neutering and spaying pets. According to local pet rescue organizations, most homeowners would likely use their money on their homes rather than shell out dollars for a pet.

This makes the future a bit bleaker for foreclosure pets. The fact that they need to compete with regular household expenses just to get registered is something that can contribute to the difficulties they are facing in getting someone to give them a permanent home.

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