SPCA to Build Another Shelter: Good News for Foreclosure Pets

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The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has gotten approval to build another shelter in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to accommodate increasing need for their services, particularly for foreclosure pets.

The nonprofit organization is set to start construction on an 11,000-square foot facility at the corner of Reservoir and California roads. Officials at the nonprofit have revealed that more pet adoption shelters are needed as demand for help by pet owners continue to escalate. The facility will comprise of 25 acres and will house around 60 cats and 30 dogs.

A barn is also included in the construction plan. This will house bigger animals that are abandoned by owners of foreclosed homes for sale and were rescued by SPCA. The organization’s members have revealed that they do get calls for livestock rescue and usually seek help from neighbors for accommodation until more permanent housing can be found for these big animals.

SPCA reported that they have a number of goats, pigs, chickens, a ram and a peacock housed in their facilities. They stated that different kinds of foreclosure pets can be found at the facility at any given day as more homeowners who were victims of the housing market crisis leave their flock behind.

The latest facility of SPCA will also include an area that will serve as pet adoption shelters for animals that are being offered for adoption. Sections where animals can be neutered, spayed and treated will also be part of the new headquarters. Administrative offices and dog runs will complete the construction plan.

Local officials at Bucks County have expressed support for the planned facility. They stated that the increasing number of foreclosed homes for sale has also increased the number of homeless pets, necessitating additional facilities that can house these strays.

The Bucks County unit of SPCA has been in operation since 1912. On average, the shelter takes in more than 4,000 stray pets every year. They are either abandoned, injured or were voluntarily left at the facility by their owners.

The plan of the SPCA to build another shelter in Bucks County, Pennsylvania is being seen as additional help and relief for foreclosure pets. The new facility is expected to be completed before the end of 2010.

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