Shelters for Foreclosure Pets to Benefit From Rally to Rescue

Posted by jkingstone

Shelters for foreclosure pets and other animals will be getting some help from the Rally to Rescue event which will be held at Washington State Park in Jefferson County, Missouri. Although the event is particularly focused on dogs and dog owners, the Rally to Rescue national coalition is best known for helping animal shelters that provide assistance to almost all types of animals.

The event is being organized by the Canines in Crisis Inc. and will have ProPlan Rally to the Rescue as its major sponsor. The celebration will touch upon issues such as dog care, rescue groups in the area and overpopulation in dog adoption shelters and among domestic canines. The special event will include activities for dogs and their owners. Those who wish to participate and take their dogs should have rabies vaccination documents to prove that their pets are safe.

The Rally will feature several speakers, including Cathey Breaks from A.D.O.P.T., Debi Baker from Rainbow Ranch, Kim Lambert from K-9 Rescue and Rehab and Kate Rehkop. Other organizations that specialize in animal care and those that provide rescue services for foreclosure pets will also participate, with some of them bringing dogs to be offered for adoption.

As the problem of foreclosed homes for sale continue to affect the welfare of animals in the county, various organizations including Canines in Crisis and Rally to Rescue try to find ways to provide care to pets and offer homes to abandoned animals through adoptions.

Aside from the serious issues that will be addressed during the event, there will also be fun activities and grooming services for the pets and their owners. Some of these include agility courses and nail-trimming for the dogs. The pets and their owners can also go for a river swim and trail walking.

The Rally to Rescue event for dogs is just one of the efforts launched by various Jefferson County organizations to provide help to shelters for foreclosure pets and other domestic animals. The event aims to address overpopulation and provide permanent homes to dogs through adoptions.

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