Shelter for Abandoned Dogs and Cats in Seneca Looking for a New Home

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On May 31, 2010, the no-kill pet shelter for abandoned dogs and cats, Just Animals Shelter and Pet Placement, will lose its rental space in Seneca, Illinois which has been its home for almost seven years.

The pet shelter has already started plans on building its own headquarters, but the relocation has come sooner than expected, according to shelter staff members. Officials at the pet shelter have added that they have started running out of space as a result of the increased number of foreclosed homes for sale in the area.

Just Animals is one of those nonprofit cat and dog shelters that advocate the “no-kill” policy. It was established in 1997 and specializes in providing adoption and rescue services. Aside from these services, the nonprofit also has Wellness Clinics that offer low cost heartworm tests and vaccinations to pets. Discounted medicine for prevention of heartworm for dogs, cat FIV tests and microchipping are also part of the shelter’s services.

Workers at the pet shelter have revealed that most abandoned dogs and cats that come in at the facility have never received such services, with some of them already four or five years old. They further added that most pet owners cannot afford to provide their pets with necessary care and would not have been able to have their pets vaccinated or checked if not for the wellness clinics.

Officials at the nonprofit have expressed concerns that the loss of the shelter’s facility will result in further death to abandoned animals. A lot of cat and dog shelters in the area are already overwhelmed and Just Animals Shelter does its share by taking in hundreds of neglected, abused and stray pets, as well as domestic animals that foreclosed owners give to the facility.

Shelter staff members have revealed that there are so many pets owners affected by rising numbers of foreclosed homes for sale that some of those who have adopted pets from the facility are coming back after just a year to return the pets they adopted from the shelter.

Abandoned dogs and cats that come in at the Seneca facility go through the process of adoption and are given health care services. They are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-wormed and tested for other diseases at the expense of the pet shelter.

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