Photography Buffs Can Help Foreclosure Pets

Posted by Joseph Smith

It is a sad fact shelters all over the country are suffering from lack of funding and space to take care of these pets that have been left behind when their owners were forced to move out due to mortgage default. Unfortunately, there is still no clear sign the foreclosure crisis is about to end soon, which means more foreclosure pets will find themselves in these shelters.

Photography Buffs Can Help Foreclosure Pets

It cannot be said these shelters have not made efforts to care for these animals. In fact, most of them have come up with creative ways to raise funds or encourage pet adoption. Some has waived adoption fees, offered free grooming services and even pet discipline tutorials as incentives. Still, the lack of interest in adopting these pets has become frustrating and disheartening.

Attracting Owners Through Good Photos

Whoever invented the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” would probably be surprised to know he or she is actually helping the cause of these poor pets. These abandoned animals, which were lucky enough to be rescued and taken into shelters, might have a chance to go home with a new family — if their pictures turn out great.

A pet photographer has noticed that many of the ads for pet adoption shown online or in any published medium depicted poorly-shot photos of the animals, which could probably explain why no one is looking to adopt them. But with better quality photos, wherein the animals’ best features are displayed, adoption rate can actually increase.

Other photographers are also being encouraged to volunteer and take great photos of these animals in order to increase their chances of being adopted. Adoption, for most of these animals, means the difference between life and death as there are still many shelters which practice euthanasia.

If you or a friend of yours is interested in helping out, simply go to your local animal shelter and offer your photography skills for free.

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