Pet Seekers Should Give Foreclosure Pets a Chance

Posted by Joseph Smith

Despite the continuous increase in the number of foreclosure pets and abandoned animals in the U.S., it is not true that people are losing interest in having pets. A dog or a cat offers companionship and comfort to families, retirees, single people and even those who have physical disabilities. It will be a huge advantage for everybody if they adopt foreclosure animals instead of buying them from pet stores.

America's fascination with pets

It is surprising that there are a lot of homeless and abandoned animals in the country, given that Americans are known for their love of domestic animals. This connection with pets is evident in the fact that pet owners spend a lot of money on the care and pampering of their cats and dogs, with the American Pet Products Association reporting that pet-related expenses are set to reach $50 billion by the end of 2011.

Foreclosure Pets and Abandoned Animals

Somehow, it would have been better if at least a small part of this money will be spent on foreclosure pets. With pet shelters in most cities battling with overpopulation and lack of funds, having their resident pets adopted will go a long way towards addressing these problems.

Benefits of adopting pets from shelters

People looking for a cat or a dog would do well to get them from pet shelters rather than boutique pet shops. Animals in shelters are mostly well-behaved and properly trained, contrary to some perceptions that most of them are wild and hard to control.

Those who take home pets from shelters will not only gain a companion, they will also contribute to solving the problems of foreclosure pets. Man and animals have always had a connection and this is one area where people can provide help to their furry friends. Even in prisons, administrators are aware of the benefits that pets can provide to inmates in terms of developing life skills.

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