Number of Foreclosure Pets Rising in Several Areas of Pennsylvania

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Habitat for Hounds from Richard Township, Pennsylvania, along with its neighbor, the Humane Society of Somerset County, had reported increased number of foreclosure pets in their care. According to the two animal care societies, most of these abandoned pets are cats and dogs. Meanwhile, the Humane Society of Cambria County had stated that their numbers have not increase nor diminished.

According to Habitat for Hounds officials, pet populations in most animal shelters in the area continue to rise. Habitat has revealed that they are experiencing the same boom despite placing more than 200 pets in permanent homes since October of 2009. They added that they had to take in around 75 more pets, mostly cats and dogs, compared with the previous year.

Unlike other pet care societies, Habitat for Hounds does not have facilities to keep these animals. What they do is feature pets on the organization’s website or place them in foster care. They focus more on rescuing animals, with most of them found by people who are buying foreclosed homes for sale and have come across several abandoned pets in the foreclosed properties they are inspecting.

Among the foreclosure pets that were rescued by Habitat for Hounds was Harvey, a dog found wandering the Highland Regional Park. According to volunteers, they tried luring the homeless dog to safety and they finally succeeded after three hours. The dog was sent to a foster family living in East Conemaugh.

Meanwhile, the Humane Society of Somerset County has reported that they took in more than 300 cats and over 500 dogs in 2009. Among the dogs, only 39 are still in the shelter, while a total of 22 cats remain in the Society’s care from the total that they took in on 2009. Despite being able to have most of the pets adopted by permanent households, more started coming in at the facility in 2010.

Pennsylvania animal rescue associations and shelters have reported increased number of foreclosure pets. They also claimed that some owners are unable to feed their pets properly which has resulted in unhealthy animals in some households. The shelters are expecting the numbers to continue to rise during the rest of the year.

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