More Shelters Overrun By Foreclosure Pets

Posted by Joseph Smith

Once upon a time, these foreclosure pets were loved and cared for by owners who never thought there will come a time when they would have to leave them behind. Unfortunately for most of these animals, it was a question of survival for their owners and the decision to leave them behind was most likely as tough as making the decision to let go of their home.

More Shelters Overrun By Foreclosure Pets

Ending up in an animal shelter or being rescued from the abandoned homes is actually not the worst fate for these abandoned animals. But their growing number is making it difficult for shelters to care for them. In fact, in many cities across the nation, the scene is similar.

Shelters Bending Rules

In Chicago, animal shelters are turning away homeowners who are looking for shelters for their cats. Some shelters accept the cat if it has been adopted from the shelter, but decline the others. There are also shelters who agree to care for the pet until the homeowner finds a place which allows pets. Often, the maximum number of days allowed for the pet to stay is extended for as long as 5 months from the standard 30 days.

Shelters Accepting Adoptable Pets

The challenges faced by individuals and families due to the sluggish economic conditions are also among the reasons why many shelters are brimming with foreclosure animals. In Arizona, one of the states hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis, families whose homes were repossessed due to mortgage default and are struggling to put food on the table are left with no choice but to give up their pets to shelters since there is no more money left over to feed them.

If the abandoned pets are deemed adoptable, most shelters would accept them, but if not, they turn them away and refer the animals to other shelters. Some shelters are even left with no choice but to practice euthanasia in cases of behavioral problems or serious medical issues.

Of course, despite the good intentions of these shelters and rescue organizations, they can only do so much. Many try to come up with various fund raising activities to support their operation while others have to make the difficult decision of closing.

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