More Animals Abandoned Because of Foreclosure

Posted by Joseph Smith

In the United States, the word “recession” may not be on everyone’s lips, but it is sure is on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, the number one reason for the economic problems, the foreclosure crisis, has yet to be addressed and, as of today, there are still a significant number of homeowners at risk of losing their homes due to mortgage default.

If you think about the situation of these distressed borrowers, you might certainly feel sympathy, but, at the back of your mind, you know there is a big chance they can survive this hardship and move on. But what about the pets which get left behind? Can they move on?

Abandoned Pets

Sadly, foreclosure pets are considered to be collateral damage in this housing mess. Many have already died because their owners were too distraught over the repossession of their homes they forgot another living creature is relying on them to survive. Even with laws against such acts of neglect, the number of animals abandoned to die of starvation and exposure to harsh weather has been increasing at an alarming rate.

What You Can Do

You might think there is really not much you can do about these foreclosure animals, but the mere acknowledgement they exist is enough. It would help to spread the word about them in the hope of finding someone who would like to volunteer their time and resources helping out the local animal shelters. Most of these shelters lack funds and manpower to take care of the rescued dogs and cats and they would welcome all the help being offered to them.

Now, there is also the matter of teaching responsible pet ownership. Telling people about the sad fate of these animals and encouraging them to become good owners will surely go a long way in reducing the number of pets dying from abandonment. Help people understand there are choices available and it is only a matter of finding which option will work best for everyone, especially the helpless creatures.

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