Mississippi Abandoned Pets Looking for Permanent Homes

Posted by Joseph Smith

Four hundred animals were found in a Mississippi abandoned shelter and are now in need of permanent homes. Among these abandoned pets are 10 dogs, including Yogi who has been temporarily taken in by the Northern New England Dog Rescue.

Yogi has been in the care of a foster parent since February through the help of the Northern New England Dog Rescue, one of the dog shelters helping in finding households that will adopt the abandoned animals.

According to shelter workers, the dogs had been treated for pneumonia and skin disease. The diseases were reportedly caused by human neglect and malnutrition. The continuous rise in the number of foreclosed homes for sale has also been blamed for the plight of the abandoned animals.

In the meantime, the dog rescue organization is sending the pets to foster families in the Upper Valley area while they regain their health and until households or organizations that are willing to adopt them permanently can be found.

According to workers from local shelters, there are more abandoned pets like Yogi that are looking for someone to adopt them. Yogi reportedly spent the first two weeks in his crate while in the care of his foster parent and refused to interact. But the presence of children and other dogs in the house eventually drew Yogi out and, according to his temporary owners, he eventually became more responsive.

People who serve as foster owners for the abandoned dogs stated that more of them are coming to shelters. They stated that the increasing number of homeless pets is due to several factors, not least of which is the recession which forces people to offer their homes for foreclosure short sales, resulting in owners leaving their residences and their pets behind. Pet owners who do not spay or neuter their pets also contribute to the increased number of homeless animals, shelter volunteers have stated.

Whatever the reason may be, rescue organizations and pet shelters in the area are facing increased pressure to look for households that are willing to adopt the big number of abandoned pets left in their care.

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