Lompoc Postal Service Launched Program for Abandoned Pets

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A unique series of new stamps were made available for nationwide sale in Lompoc, California as part of the United States. Postal Service’s annual stamp collection with social issue themes. The series, called Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet, was designed to provide aid to abandoned pets in the area.

To celebrate the launch of the collection, a number of dogs and cats from local animal shelters were invited to lick the stamps for the buyers. Two rabbits were also part of the stamp-licking activity. The pets were allowed to play at the parking lot of the post office during the event, which also serves as a promotional strategy designed to attract people who are looking for pets to adopt.

The series of stamps will be available all over the U.S. The collection is comprised of 10 stamps, sold for 44 cents, and feature pictures of dogs and cats that were taken in from the town where Sally Anderson-Bruce, stamp photographer lives. In addition to the stamp collection program, celebrity talk show emcee and pet food company owner Ellen DeGeneres has also pledged meals not lower than one million to shelters for abandoned pets for every stamp series sold.

Local pet shelter officials have stated that the problem of making the public aware of the increased number of homeless pets is actually a national concern. They further added that the rising number of foreclosed houses for sale has not made life any easier for homeless pets, and that animal shelters all around the area are overwhelmed with stray dogs and cats.

The Companion Animal Placement Assistance also participated in the program by sending volunteers to help handle pets invited to the event and to help people interested in adopting foreclosure animals to fill out applications for adoption. They revealed that three people filled out applications within the first 60 minutes of the special event.

The Volunteers for Inter-Valley Animals (VIVA) were also on hand during the stamp launching and gave out handouts with information on pets that are available for adoption at their facilities. VIVA representatives stated that they are always on the lookout for donations and permanent homes for the abandoned pets under their care.

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