Local Shelter Sees Connection Between Foreclosure and Pets

Posted by Joseph Smith

The issue of foreclosure and pets has been a major concern for one Shippensburg, Pennsylvania pet shelter. The Better Days Animal League has been in operation since 2007 and has rescued around 3,000 abandoned animals. The no-kill association is currently home to around 100 dogs and more than 90 cats.

According to the officials of the animal shelter foreclosure facility, more and more homeless and abandoned animals have come to the shelter and the organization has decided to concentrate on adoption and in bringing awareness to the public of the need to find homes for these abandoned pets. The shelter serves the areas of Cumberland, Fulton and Franklin and as demand for its services grow, Better Days has realized that it needs to expand its facilities.

With homes foreclosures set to rise again this year, the organization is expected to have more pets coming in as relocating or evicted homeowners are forced to leave their dogs or cats behind. The shelter has launched a fund raising campaign to finance the construction of a multi-purpose pet shelter at Roxbury. The facility will reportedly include waste disposal features, surgical suite for spaying and neutering and heating and ventilation. According to reports, the additional kennels that will be built will allow the pet shelter to increase its capacity and expand its adoption exposure.

Officials at the animal facility have said that they are also planning to add a system for rainwater capture that can be used in cleaning, as well as a wind turbine that will provide supplemental electric power to the shelter. Reports revealed that the facility is trying to raise about $990,000 for the new project. In addressing foreclosure and pets issues, the League relies on fundraising efforts and donations.

Volunteers and workers at the facility have revealed that, when they were first launched, they were not even aware how bad animal shelter services are needed in the area. Most volunteers stated that the increased demand for their services was mainly due to the poor condition of the economy. The plan to build another facility is a move that will allow them to continue what they are doing and to do even more.

Community concerns over foreclosure and pets have long been a specialty of the pet shelter. According to facility volunteers and officials, the shelter will need further help to continue its operations, particularly since the housing problem is showing no sign of abating and more pets are expected to end up homeless.

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