Helping Foreclosure Pets

Posted by Joseph Smith

One of the worst things that could happen to a pet is to get left behind by their owners. Sadly, this scenario is not uncommon during these tough times. Most of the abandoned animals are actually victims of foreclosure, hence the term foreclosure pets.

Helping Foreclosure Pets

The really unlucky ones were left to starve to death in the repossessed homes until rescuers find them. While the others were taken to shelters by their owners with the hope they will have a good life. But the huge inventory of foreclosed properties is also taking a toll on these shelters as their facilities become crowded and their funds dwindle.

Obviously, caring for these abandoned pets will require the help of anyone with a kind heart and generous spirit.

Foster Homes

Many individuals open their homes to foreclosure pets until such time they are adopted. It is not unusual for some rescue organizations, shelters and animal rights group to launch programs which encourage being a foster pet owner. On the other hand, there are those who just simply cannot stand by and do nothing, so they choose to volunteer even without the support of an organization or group. If you are interested, you can simply go to the local shelter and make inquiries about becoming a foster owner.


There are plenty of non-profit organizations which work with shelters to raise funds for the care of these homeless foreclosure animals and at the same time, promote adoption. By encouraging people to adopt these poor pets, they have a better chance of living normal lives compared to staying in the shelter. Adoption also makes sense since it allows the shelter to free up space, so they can accommodate more animals.

Again, the situation of these foreclosure pets is indeed lamentable and it should make everyone think twice before getting a pet. Shelters and rescue organizations can only do so much.

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