Helping Foreclosure Pets: What You Can Do

Posted by Joseph Smith

It is not just people who were affected by the housing crisis; there are also the so-called foreclosure pets. The number of homeless and abandoned animals has escalated since the start of the housing market downturn and the problem continues to persist in most U.S. states. There are things you can do to help alleviate this issue and below are some of them.

What are foreclosure pets?

First, let us try to better understand what foreclosure animals are. These are mostly pets that were abandoned by their owners who had to leave their homes after getting foreclosed on. Some just leave their animals behind or set them loose to roam the streets, unfed and unprotected. There are also those who have yet to experience foreclosure, but are facing financial difficulties and just drive their pets someplace and leave them there. A huge number of abandoned animals have been reported by neighbors and by others who see these animals in the streets, while others are picked up by pet shelters. There are more that remain unreported.

Abandoned AnimalsWhat homeowners must do

Homeowners who are facing or are under foreclosure should not just leave their pets behind. There are local pet shelters in almost every part of the country and all they need to do is call these shelters or just drop their pets off to these facilities, so they can be taken care of and maybe adopted by another family who can look after them.

If the shelter for abandoned pets in your vicinity is already full and cannot take them in, try asking around the neighborhood on who will be willing to take in your cat, dog or bird or any other pet. Making the effort to secure these pets' future will come a long way towards ensuring that the population of abandoned animals does not rise further.

What neighbors should do

Neighbors should call their local shelter or the local police if they knew that there are animals inside unoccupied or abandoned homes. If you see homeless pets in the streets, do the same. Call a pet shelter or the sheriff. Ignoring these homeless pets can pose problems to the whole community and reporting them will be the right thing to do.

What pet owners can do

Even if you were not facing foreclosure, there is no telling what financial difficulties will come, so it will be better to be proactive and secure your pet's future. Spaying and neutering help minimize the number of foreclosure pets. Find time to do this to your domestic animals if you cannot afford more than one pet.

These procedures do not cost much and you can even ask your local shelter whether you can have your pet neutered or spayed for a discount. If you can afford it and are willing to do it, adopt a pet or two. Shelters for foreclosure animals are mostly overwhelmed and you can help by adopting or by simply contributing pet supplies or a little money to your local shelter. Every little thing counts and you may be surprise that what you consider a little thing is actually a big deal for these foreclosure pets.

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