Foreclosure Pets: What Will Happen When the Shelters Close?

Posted by Joseph Smith

In the past couple of months, the news has been filled with statistics about foreclosure, home prices and other figures related to the enduring problems in the housing sector. What people have not seen much of is news about foreclosure pets.

Foreclosure Pets: What Will Happen When the Shelters Close?

Although these unfortunate animals may not be the headlines and causing quite a stir, it does not mean they are not out there.

Victims of the Housing Crisis

Foreclosure pets refer to animals abandoned by their homeowners when they lost their home to foreclosure. There are several reasons for the abandonment ranging from difficulty finding a place where pets are allowed to the owners getting overwhelmed by their foreclosure problem. Some of these pets are lucky to be rescued and taken into animal shelters while others are not as lucky.

Challenges Faced By Shelters

As more and more homeowners lose their home to foreclosure, the number of abandoned pets keeps on rising as well. The problem is most of the shelters which house these animals are having trouble finding funds to continue their operation. From reducing expenses to asking for donations and organizing fundraisers, these shelters have almost done everything they can to stay afloat. But with the economy not improving, people who used to make donations are no longer able to do so.

In some cities, shelters are in so deep in financial problems that they are facing closure. It is really hard to imagine what will happen to these animals if these shelters close.

In a desperate attempt to save the animals and themselves, some shelters have come up with much more creative ways to get the community involved. For instance, you can choose to adopt a foreclosure pet and the shelter will help you with the training and offer free services.

Or, you can choose to sponsor an animal instead. This way, you get to help out without having to worry about taking the animal home. This sponsorship program is actually perfect for individuals who used to have pets, but no longer have one because they live in an apartment which does not allow pets.

Anyone can actually do something for these foreclosed animals. It is simply a matter of caring enough to go that extra mile., your most reliable link to the foreclosure world.

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