Foreclosure Pets: They Have Rights Too!

Posted by Joseph Smith

Millions of Americans have already lost their homes to foreclosure and millions more are at risk. Such situation is indeed lamentable, but, eventually, these individuals and families can stand on their feet once again and move on with their lives. The same cannot be said about foreclosure pets.

Foreclosure Pets: They Have Rights Too!

As their name implies, these animals have been abandoned when their homeowners had to leave their homes due to mortgage default. It is likely they were not able to find a pet-friendly apartment to move into which made them to decide to leave their pets. There are some who took the time to find their pets foster homes until they can take care of them, but many choose to simply abandon them and forget that they too have rights.

Right to Live With Dignity

With the rise in number of foreclosure animals, shelters and rescue organizations can be expected to have problems accommodating these pets. Although these animals may have found a home in these shelters, albeit temporarily, the condition they are in is certainly a far cry from where they came from and what they are used to. Animals, just like humans, need space to move about and living in cramped spaces can take a toll on their health. Many shelters try to take these animals out for exercise, but the lack of funds to hire staff and the lack of volunteers make this simple task a challenge.

Right to Proper Care

Again, the lack of budget can mean insufficient care for these foreclosure pets. For this reason, most shelters encourage pet adoption as well as promote spaying and neutering in order to control the population of these animals. Obviously, these shelters are having a tough time finding new homes for these pets, particularly the older ones, and some even have to offer incentives in order to attract individuals and families.

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