Foreclosure Pets Revisited

Posted by Joseph Smith

Stories of families losing their homes to foreclosures have become common conversation topics since the mortgage industry meltdown. It is no longer surprising to find out a friend or colleague has been evicted due to mortgage default. No one has been immune to the possibility of losing one’s home and millions have actually suffered through such sad circumstances.

Foreclosure Pets Revisited

The first few such stories might have evoked a feeling of shock and sympathy for these unfortunate individuals but after some time, people have developed a sort of acceptance that these things do happen and somehow it will be okay.

Of course, this outlook might not be shared by foreclosure pets.

Their Sad Fate

Abandoned by their homeowners, these pets are at risk of suffering the worst fate possible. One minute, they have a warm home, regular source of food and a loving family to care for them; and the next, left alone to die of hunger and thirst. If they happened to be rescued, some are too malnourished or traumatized to recover completely.

Others are lucky for their owners had the presence of mind to take them to a shelter or leave them with someone willing to take them in. Unfortunately, these shelters are now having difficulties caring for these pets because of lack of space and funding. In addition, there is a lack of interest in adopting previously – owned pets, particularly the older ones.

Their Only Hope

The belief that only the “fittest” can survive such an ordeal is certainly appropriate. After all, it is hard —even for humans — to be uprooted from familiar surroundings. An uncertain future is what these poor creatures have to deal with everyday. Only a few will be lucky to find a new home.

It is hard to tell if these foreclosure pets feel hopeful about their current circumstances. Despite such uncertainty, many people have been noticing their plight and are trying to help out. Shelters and rescue organizations are also working harder than before to find these animals home. But obviously, they need all the help they can get from the public.

A small monetary donation to your local animal shelter will indeed go a long way. If you have time, money and room in your life to accommodate one of these pets or find them responsible owners, then maybe opening your heart will not be such a bad idea.

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