Event to Find Homes for Abandoned Pets in No-Kill Animal Shelter

Posted by Joseph Smith

It is a sad fact that as the housing crisis crew worse, the number of abandoned pets also increased. In Gilbert, Arizona, a no-kill animal shelter is currently trying to cope with the soaring number of homeless animals as well as returned pets. As one of their adoption policies, Friends for Life requires the return of the adopted pet if the owner is no longer able to care for them.

The problem with the growing population of animals in the shelter is made even more challenging with the fewer monetary donations that the shelter is receiving. In order to find a home for these unfortunate animals, the organization decided to hold an event last weekend that will promote animal adoption.

According to the shelter organization’s spokesperson, the spike in the number of older animals that are being returned has prompted them to launch such an event. Although it is hard to find homes for these older animals, it was hoped that the many incentives would attract more people. These incentives include lower adoption fees, free neutering and spaying as well as free microchip.

The plight of these abandoned pets is certainly attracting the attention of many individuals and groups aside from those associated with animal shelters. For instance, a local financial lender has decided to help the plight of these animals by starting a rescue organization, Lost Our Home Pet Foundation, for animals that were left behind by their owners because of foreclosure.

Distressed homeowners who are trying very hard to find a solution to their mortgage problems usually do not consider the welfare of their pets a priority. Some have the presence of mind to take their pets to an animal shelter while there are those who are too distraught to do anything except abandon their pets.

Sadly, the situation that these abandoned pets are currently in is getting worse as more and more pet owners become too financially-strapped to have their pets neutered and spayed. It is a fervent hope of these individuals and organizations that homeowners seek assistance and find resources that will not force them to simply leave their pets behind.

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