Do Not Let Your Pets Become Foreclosure Victims

Posted by Joseph Smith

If you visit the communities and neighborhoods hit hard by the foreclosure crisis, you will not only hear about the homeowners who were rendered homeless after losing the battle with mortgage default, but also sad stories of beloved pets left behind. There are some fortunate enough to get rescued, while some tried to escape the worst fate of all, which is dying from dehydration and starvation.

Do Not Let Your Pets Become Foreclosure Victims

Foreclosure pets have actually become a phenomenon — unfortunate casualties of the collapse of the mortgage industry. If you try to look for these unfortunate animals, you can easily find them in shelters, which are increasingly becoming crowded and are struggling with lack of funding to care for the needs of these creatures.

If you think about it, the abandonment of these pets should not have happened at all. There are actually a lot of options for these troubled borrowers to explore if they are unsure about keeping their pets if foreclosure knocks on their door.

The first option is looking for a temporary home. You can check with friends and co-workers about anyone interested in taking in your pet and arrange it to be on a temporary basis until you have found a place which is pet-friendly. You can help with the cost of feeding and even with the caring if you happened to move nearby.

The option to take your pet to the shelter and give it up for adoption is also available. But you have to check about the shelter’s policy on euthanasia, especially if you are not a fan. If you are not interested in giving your pet up for adoption, you can still leave them in the shelter, but volunteer to provide food and pay for the vet services so as not to burden the shelter much.

Leaving your beloved pet behind is not at all a good idea and you should always think twice. It is not only inhumane, but you can even be charged with animal abuse.

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