Are There Enough Efforts to Help Foreclosure Pets?

Posted by Joseph Smith

There have been programs launched in various areas of the country designed to help foreclosure pets. However, it is a fact that more are needed since the extent of the problem of abandoned and homeless animals is bigger than what we can see and what we have heard on the news.

Pets taking a backseat

Let's face it, the first priority for us when a financial crisis strikes is our families. If it is a choice between feeding your kids or your pets, the former will always trump the latter. That is why the ongoing housing industry crisis is particularly bad for domestic animals, because their problem is not an isolated case, but is actually also felt by their owners.

However, there are steps we can take to help these animals. Foremost is not abandoning them when we encounter financial difficulties. Leaving them to a shelter, with a neighbor who can afford to keep them or calling the local animal rescue department will go a long way towards giving them a second chance at life.

Help Foreclosure Pets

Pet problem not just a government concern

Finding the solution to the problem of increasing number of foreclosure pets should not be left solely to the government or local agencies. We do like hearing governmental efforts to save these pets, such as providing grants to pet shelters. We should not merely watch, but also do our share.

Giving money to pet shelters will help, but if you do not have any to spare, supplies that you do not need will be good as well. A lot of local shelters are seeking pet supplies, such as food, pet care products and medicines. If you have other items that you can spare, give them to your local pet shelter.

We also should not add more to the population of foreclosure pets. Regardless of how solid our current financial condition is, neutering and spaying our pets will help as we cannot really tell if we can afford to care for more than one in the future.

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