Adoption Animals Find Home with Perry County Resident

Posted by Joseph Smith

A big number of homeless and adoption animals in Perry County, Arkansas have found a home with local resident Leah Van Marion for the past 12 years. Van Marion has been taking in abandoned dogs for more than a decade now, but lately, she is finding it hard to continue with her mission of caring and providing shelter to homeless canines.

The county has no pet shelters, so Van Marion's generosity has made a lot of difference in terms of providing hope to abandoned and homeless dogs. However, the Perry resident recently lost her job, making it more difficult for her to feed and care for her adopted dogs. Despite the difficulties, Van Marion decided against turning her pets away.

With the recession and the increased number of properties available to people who buy foreclosed homes for sale affecting the county, it is not surprising that Perry residents also feel the pinch. Along with the loss of her job, Van Marion also faces declining donations from neighbors and local residents who used to be very generous with their contributions to feed and care for her dogs.

The Perry local has a total of 45 dogs in her care, all of them adoption animals. These pets require 50 pounds of animal food every day. Following the loss of her job, Van Marion reveals that she tries to feed her pets by selling scrap metal and pieces of furniture. She reveals that her house is almost free of furniture and appliances, except for the television and refrigerator since she has sold most of them to feed her dogs.

She also states that she understands why some local residents have stopped giving donations. She asserts that these are difficult times and most people are busy finding ways to cope with their personal financial difficulties.

The dogs living with Van Marion are all well-taken care of. They are vaccinated, neutered and spayed and stay in a fenced area of her property and occupy almost 40 acres of her land. According to her, she has used almost all her life savings on caring for her dogs, but she does allow them to go to another home if some good family comes calling looking for adoption animals.

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