Adopt a Foreclosure Pet and Prevent Animal Suffering

Posted by Joseph Smith

Adopt a foreclosure pet and prevent animal suffering. One animal adopted means one animal saved from destruction or one more animal that the shelter can take in despite overcrowding.

Every state, county or city has suffered from the foreclosure crisis, so wherever you are, there is a pet shelter or animal rescue needing your help. If you cannot adopt, you can donate or you can volunteer.

On the Internet, you can just type pet adoption or pet donors and hundreds of shelters calling for help or hundreds of pet events raising funds will appear.

In Mohave County, the Western Arizona Humane Society destroys around 80 healthy dogs and cats every month because of lack of funds and space and lack of adoptive pet owners. Arizona residents who are willing to adopt or donate can contact the society or the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, the Apache Junction Animal Control and the Mohave Companion Animal Rescue Efforts Network.

In Santa Monica, California, the Voice for the Animals Foundation also needs help as it continues to rescue abandoned animals and advocate for animal welfare. The nonprofit has been fortunate in receiving help from retailer Kiehl’s.

Patti Mastrangelo, the store manager of the branch on Robertson Boulevard, said that Kiehl’s will start holding foreclosure pet adoption events regularly. It will also give gifts to all successful adoptive pet owners and to all who would donate $10 to the foundation.

Melya Kaplan, founder and president of the foundation, said she was so happy when Kiehl’s called and offered its help. The store’s involvement will certainly promote pet adoption among people who have not heard of the Voice foundation.

Meanwhile, in Bartonsville, Pennsylvania, the Camp Papillon animal rescue and pet adoption group held a dog pageant to raise funds for its no-kill rescue operations. Foster families brought their dogs and participated in an event hosted by Comfort Inn, a pet-friendly facility in Bartonsville.

Last year, the group was able to recruit 30 foster families to care for abandoned animals. Now, the number has increased to 50 families caring for 100 pets.

The group also needs funds to establish a shelter in Stroudsburgh to help the existing Animal Welfare Society of Monroe save animals. According to Heather Stephens, vice president of the pet rescue organization, Monroe County cannot implement a no-kill policy if it does not offer a foreclosure pet shelter and a sanctuary for abandoned animals.

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