Abandoned Pets: Life After Foreclosure

Posted by Joseph Smith

When people talk about the economy and the housing sector in particular, most would cite some friend or family who has lost their home to foreclosure. The unfortunate situation these homeowners went through would be discussed in detail along with opinions on how the federal government should tackle the economic downturn.

Abandoned Pets: Life After Foreclosure

Very few, understandably, would think about the pets that were abandoned or let loose when the homeowners left the property, either after being evicted or before the last stage of the foreclosure process was upon them.

Life in Shelters

Those foreclosure pets which survived the abandonment and were lucky enough to be rescued will usually stay at the shelters until they are adopted. The shelters, usually run by non–profit animal welfare organizations, will ensure the animals are properly cared for, providing food and vet care. They also work to find homes for them.

Over the years, these shelters have tried their hardest to provide for these animals, but with the foreclosure crisis enduring, they have become more and more crowded. Some shelters are no longer accepting animals and, instead, teaching pet owners how to find free pet food and low cost vet care. There are also animal rescue organizations which consider giving special training to the pets, so they would be much more adoption-friendly.

Unfortunately, finding homes for these abandoned pets has also become a problem for most shelters. Adoption has dropped considerably as cost of owning a pet overwhelm potential pet owners. In addition, the longer the animal stays in the shelter, the more difficult it is to find people who would adopt them since older pets are not as attractive compared to cute, little puppies.

In the center of it all are these poor dogs and cats. Most do not even understand what is happening to them and have a tough time adjusting to life inside the shelter. For those who are fortunate enough to get adopted, they easily recover from the trauma of being left behind and give their new owners the love and affection they deserve.

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