Abandoned Pets – Helpless Victims of Foreclosure

Posted by Joseph Smith

Having your home repossessed by your lender due to mortgage default is indeed an unfortunate situation. But this does not mean homeowners should simply leave everything behind, including their pets. The growing number of abandoned pets is becoming a reason for concern, especially among animal welfare organizations.

For the said groups, these animals should not become victims of foreclosure in the first place. If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure, there are always shelters for animals to go to if you will have difficulties bringing your pet with you when you move out of your home.

In cities with high foreclosure rates, abandoned pets are quite common. The problem is many homeowners simply leave their pets inside in their boarded up homes. Any individual who would like to set these animals free think twice, because they are not sure if the property is indeed vacant. Such problem would mean life and death situations for these poor animals, especially if they were not left with any food or water.

A lot of agents dealing with real estate foreclosures are now being called upon by banks or even verification companies to inspect the property and see if it is indeed abandoned. Although this translates to extra income for some agents, the job is not that easy and simple. Finding these abandoned pets almost on the brink of death is certainly depressing and saddening.

If the pets are discovered just in the nick of time, they are usually taken in by local animal shelters. If not, the homeowners get away without any harsh penalties and punishments, because most states do not have laws which will protect animals from such cruelty. What is even sadder is that most of these trouble homeowners really believe that their pets will be discovered by their landlord or neighbor the next day.

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