Abandoned Foreclosure Animals in Phoenix Got a Donated Home

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Abandoned foreclosure animals in Phoenix got a new home after a real estate businessman donated a three-bedroom house for conversion into a halfway house for abandoned pets by the nonprofit pet rescue organization Lost Our Home Pet Foundation.

In December, as more pets were being discovered by real estate agents at foreclosed homes for sale, Blair Group owner Bair Ballin saw the need for a halfway house so he donated his 1,500- square-foot rental house in northeast Phoenix to the foundation.

The foundation is a no-kill organization that works with real estate agents who are discovering abandoned pets in vacant homes and backyards. Since the start of the foreclosure crisis in the latter part of 2008, more and more calls and emails are being received from people discovering abandoned pets. Over the past one year and a half, the foundation has rescued about 700 abandoned pets and has placed them in homes.

It has also given 100,000 pounds of pet food to owners who could no longer afford to buy animal food. Currently, the foundation is caring for around 100 pets while waiting for adoptive pet owners or foster homes.

According to Jodi Polanski, head of the foundation, the donation of the rental home is a big help to volunteers who are fostering abandoned foreclosure animals. They can now have a wider space for the pets.

Joe Palazzolo, owner of Modern Design Painting, has already donated around 50 hours of upgrading electrical wiring, repairing cabinets and painting at the former rental house. Mark Craig, inspector at House Facts Home Inspections, has also been helping to ensure that repair work on the house complies with building regulations.

Others have donated materials to the halfway house. Sun Devil Garage has donated a garage door, Sherwin-Williams has donated gallons of paint and Jim Cooney has cleaned the property with power washing for free.

According to Polanski, the halfway house needs additional donation of services, including the construction of a concrete wall to replace the dilapidated wooden fence in the backyard and the installation of a heating and ventilation system in the rooms.

The foundation also needs more donation of pet food, as its food supply for cats has already been depleted. Donors are requested to call 602-230-HELP or visit the website of the foundation at LostOurHome.org.

According to foundation director Polanski, the rescue organization has not published the address of the new halfway house to prevent people from dropping off abandoned foreclosure animals at the facility without any advance notice.

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