Abandoned Animals Get Help from Monitor Township Operation

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A new rescue operation, designed to help abandoned animals, has been established in Monitor Township, Michigan. According to founder Lisa Kosnik, she started the Zoo Crew to battle the growing problem of irresponsible pet owners who abandon their pets. The operation aims to help pets in Monitor Township and in various areas of Bay County.

According to Kosnik, she does not think that there is justification for pets to be abandoned or just dropped off anywhere. Other animal rescuers agree with Kosnik, with most of them encouraging troubled owners to leave their cats or dogs to pet shelters if they really do not have a choice instead of abandoning them in vacant houses or on the streets.

Several operations like the one established by Kosnik has appeared in Bay County in the past year. According to the people behind these rescue operations, such organizations are needed since Bay County has been overridden with homeless cats and dogs ever since the number of properties under house foreclosure listings started rising in the area.

According to another pet rescue group, Few Steps From Home, they get at least 25 phone calls every day from homeowners who wish to drop off their pets to the shelter or from people reporting abandoned animals. People at Few Steps reveal that most of the time, they had to refuse pets brought to their facilities since they just simply do not have the room to accommodate them. Right now, the local rescue organization is home to 40 cats, 17 kittens and 26 dogs.

Groups and individuals behind the various pet rescue organizations in Bay County believe that it is important for them to continue operating and support the Bay County Animal Control in its attempts to address the problem of animal strays and abandoned cats, dogs and other pets.

Most of the rescue organizations operating in the area not only rescue and provide homes to animals, they also offer help to pet owners who are having difficulties feeding and caring for their pets. Zoo Crew and Few Steps are just two examples of animal rescue operations that have appeared in the area as the number of abandoned animals continues to rise along with the number of foreclosed properties.

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