Shelter for Abandoned Animals Facing Foreclosure

Posted by Joseph Smith

The shelter for abandoned animals and homeless pets, Not So Purrfect Angels, is currently facing foreclosure problems. The shelter located in Fresno County, California has been in operation since 1996. Currently, the facility is keeping around 250 animals and all of them are in danger of being put down if the shelter is foreclosed on.

With the housing crisis showing no sign of abating, the list of shelters in all states that have fallen into foreclosure or have lost funding has also continued to increase. According to the owner of the pet shelter, the facility was built for the purpose of taking in homeless and abandoned pets. It sits on a four-acre piece of land and has been offering a home to abused and abandoned cats for the past 15 years.

More than a year ago, the shelter started encountering financial difficulties when owner Janice Rozanno lost her job. The high number of foreclosures in the area also resulted in a huge number of people leaving the area, which led to fewer donations. Unemployment also hit majority of the shelter's supporters.

The abandoned animals living in the shelter will be euthanized if the facility failed to come up with about $19,000 before February ends. Fundraising efforts have resulted in a $14,000 take-in for the shelter, but it is still short by $5,000 and time is running out. Volunteers at the facility have stated that if they failed to come up with the needed amount, they have no idea where to take the pets to save them from getting euthanized.

They added that some of the animals living in the shelter right now actually came from other pet shelters that have run out of space to accommodate the pets. Rozanno stated that closing the facility will not only affect the pets currently living there, but will also have some impact on the neighborhood.

She reveals that Fresno has some of the highest number of animals euthanized in the past few years, mainly because the number of pet shelters in the area is not enough to accommodate the continuous increase in the number of abandoned animals. If her shelter is closed, there will be one less place for the pets to come home to.

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