“A Chance for Bliss” is More than Just an Animal Sanctuary

Posted by Joseph Smith

Deanna & David "Woody" Bartley of “A Chance for Bliss” have dedicated their lives to the animal community in such a way incomparable to that of any other animal shelter or sanctuary in the country. Nearly 10 years ago, the loving couple began taking in pets for an animal sanctuary not only for those that had been abandoned, but specifically for animals that were either too old to be cared for or that were extensively disabled. Receiving animals from owners who had lost their homes, the elderly, and those who had passed away – Deanna and David made it their mission to cater to animals who would have had no future if it was not for “A Chance for Bliss.”

The animal haven stretches across a generous amount of land in Penryn, CA offering it’s 82 animal residents consisting of horses, dogs, sheep, goats, cats (among many others) nothing but a life short of animal bliss. Two years ago, “A Chance for Bliss” officially became a non-profit public charity to support Deanna & David’s cause. Fueled by nothing more than their extreme love and passion for animals, the couple continues to dedicate their lives to their family of 80+ animals who probably would not receive better care than that provided by Deanna and David. Unfortunately, catering to such a large “family” isn’t inexpensive, and requires much more work capable of only two individuals. Although extremely caring and appearing to be the ultimate “power couple” – David & Deanna are human, and no one is immune to today’s tough economic times. The property that encompasses “A Chance for Bliss” may soon be facing foreclosure. While donating is always beneficial, “Chance for Bliss” provides a wonderful sponsorship program that not only allows you to sponsor a group/category of animals for $10 a month, but updates are also sent out regularly– notifying subscribers about their favorite furry friends on the property. This cause speaks volumes, and Deanna and David Bartley’s drive and efforts should not be overlooked. Become a sponsor today and give an animal “A Chance for Bliss.”

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